tax accountant in Borehamwood

Accountancy services in Borehamwood (we work remotely)

KeysAccounts with your business accounts can be time-consuming and often a daunting task. Therefore, we offer you a full range of accounting services in North London, Elstree and Borehamwood.

With the financial sector becoming increasingly complex, we are committed to providing you with services which will comply with all regulations.

The accounting services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Company Accounts and Corporate Tax
  • Self-employed Accounts and Personal Tax
  • VAT
  • Management Accounts
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Plans

Bookkeeping services in Borehamwood

Company will help you get started using invoicing and accounting software like Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Receipt Bank.  We will also walk you through how to automate tasks, the benefits of bookkeeping software and more.

As we all have access to the internet, wherever we are, we have worked hard to move all our clients to an online accountancy solution, as it offers many benefits. It provides the ability for our clients to log into their own data set and review the financial status of their business on their mobile in REAL TIME, including raising invoices and recording purchases by taking a picture of the receipt, on the go.

So, whether you would like to outsource all your book keeping or just part of it, we are flexible and work, according to your needs and requirements


If you are just starting out you need Accountant Borehamwood London, we can help you decide whether you need to be VAT registered from the outset or not. We will continue to monitor your situation, so that should it become obligatory for you to register for VAT, we can deal with all the paperwork for you.

In contrast, we will also monitor your position for when we think you are able to and would benefit from deregistering.

Whether a new or existing business, we will also look at the VAT schemes you are eligible for and establish whether you would be better off adopting one or a mixture of them.

Help you prepare your VAT return; either from your own bookkeeping records or we can take care of your record keeping and the VAT return. We will try to ensure that you claim as much VAT as possible, particularly on contentious items such as mixed-use expenditure and motor running costs.

As with other areas of tax, we can act as your Agent for VAT purposes and therefore correspond with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on your behalf.

Accountant in Borehamwood, London help you with RTI Payroll, CIS & Automatic Enrolment

  • RTI Submissions
  • Monthly CIS processing and submission
  • Full Automatic Enrolment Compliance:
  • Registrations with a Pension Provider
  • Pension Administration
  • Declaration of Compliance

Accountant in Borehamwood, London help you with Self-Assessment & Tax Return

Assist you to prepare a self-assessment tax return required if

  • You are self-employed or a partner in partnership
  • Building subcontractors who have had tax deducted at source through the Construction Industry Scheme  (CIS) 
  • Company director
  • Large amount of saving or investment income
  • Land or property that is being let
  • Your household receives Child Benefit  and you have income in excess of £ 50,000
  • You have income from overseas
  • You have sold or given an asset away 

For a fixed price, pre-agreed before starting the work we will:

  • Take your records and form them into a tax return.
  • Ensure with us you are being as tax efficient as you legally and ethically can be.
  • Provide you access to review the full return and an easy to follow calculation to be signed off.
  • We will file your return.
  • Our company will remind you of what is due to be paid to HMRC.
  • If you are due a refund we will instruct HMRC to pay this out to you.
  • Keys Accounts send you reminders once your next tax return becomes due.

Once your first return is filed we can offer a monthly payment scheme for future returns so that there’s not a bill due at the same time as the tax bill.

Company Secretarial Services you need Accountant in Borehamwood, North London

Company directors in small businesses already have a long list of tasks and time-consuming commitments without having to worry about the legal compliance that comes with running and administrating a limited company or partnership:

Our company can provide your business accounting and bookkeeping services in London, Borehamwood with:

  • Change office address at Company House
  • Prepare and file the Confirmation statement
  • Change accounting reference dates
  • Registration of business on a self-employment basis
  • Strike off the company
  • RTI PAYE & CIS registration

You need Accountant and bookkeeper in Borehamwood London